Bees for Sale.

We offer quality 5 frame nucs that are available for pickup the end of March through early April in NW Florida.

 Each nuc will have a 2023 proven laying, young queen grafted from proven stock.  They are grafted off the local survivor stock. Each nuc consists of 5 frames of brood/pollen/honey.  A 50% deposit is required to secure your order. No frame exchange.

We start splitting our hives in late-february and put these nucs together at that time. We attempt to have a 4 year frame rotation within our broodnests.  The benefit for our customers is that the majority of the combs being placed into the 5 frame nucs are 4 years old and newer. (4 frames are drawn comb and 1 will be foundation which is typically a drawn comb full of sealed brood/honey by the time the customer receives the nuc). A ripe queen cell from our local stock is placed into the nuc 24-48 hours after splitting.  Before the customers receives their nuc/s, we will have confirmed several times that the nuc is queen-right and has a suitable laying pattern.

Nuc frequently asked questions


1-9 nucs: $150/ea

10-49 nucs: $140/ea

50+ nucs: Call for pricing

An email regarding pickup will be sent out mid-march.  Pickup is normally the 1st weekend in April (weather dependent) at our honey house or at a local feed store in Milton, FL.

To place an order, email us your name, email, phone number and quantity of nucs.  Payment methods we accept paypal, credit card, or local check.