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Pure Local Honey from Northwest Florida!

"East Hill Honey Co was created to capture the story of honey and give dignity to the artisan beekeeper. We desire to connect the food lovers, chefs and the everyday family to the beautiful and complex flavours of hand-crafted honey, a savory experience par to none." Tommy Van Horn, Founder & Beekeeper

Find pure raw and local  honey products for sale throughout Northwest Florida and in Pensacola Florida. We also offer other natural, handcrafted products harvested from our apiaries located throughout the Panhandle of Florida.  Our honey selections, sweet-treat gift sets and soaps begin as a blended essence of wildflowers that we naturally extract and bottle in a certified and inspected honey house, then deliver to you in the purest raw form.

East Hill Honey Co. connects food lovers, chefs and families to the complex flavors and dedicated art of artisan beekeeping.  The natural foods derived from our regional hives maintain the sweet, delicious, pure essence of wildflowers through the instinctual work of the bees, free from dilution with additives or complex manufacturing processes.  Rare, single-flower honey recipes bring out the unique flavors, aromas and succulent tastes of certain flowers, each one telling its own flavorful story.  The wildflower honey blends combine the skills, methods and flavors of our partner, artisan beekeepers.  

Besides sweet, irresistible tastes, our hand-crafted honey also carries a spirit of sustainability and community cultivation.  Our worker bees keep ecosystems and small-town businesses flourishing while this tradition is passed through us and our mentors to future artisan beekeepers.  Enjoy all-natural raw honey in your home or give an elegant, delicious gift set for a special someone or occasion.

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