Our Journey Home

My journey home

Its been awhile. Nearly three months since our last post. While we have not given birth to a human – I feel like we have been giving birth to a new life – a new ideal – a new home. We are not their yet – but we are on our way. As I read, I become more convicted. As I experience – I am convinced. As I look around at society – I desire truth. It is a life that is foreign to me. A life without convenience. A life where I must wait. A life where listening is needed more than speaking. A life of sacrifice. Of dirt, of sweat and humanity. Its slow. Its aware and its dependent. A life where I actually need people.

I am not sure when or where this home is going to be – but we are starting where we are and homesteading our urban farm here in East Hill – Pensacola, FL. It is just beginning. A home. A shed. A garden. A hive. A honey company. A farmers market. A community. Tomorrow – chickens, eggs, composting, brewing, parties, hunting, propagating, sewing, fishing, welding, building.

Part of this journey is building our centerpiece. Honey. To do this – we are turning to you – our friends, family and customers. Our hope is to grow our little honey company – not large, but just big enough to provide you with a great product and a little inspiration to journey home.

Take a few minutes and check it out!

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