The Ziglars, Owners & Beekeepers.

Chris and Stacey took the reins of East Hill Honey Co in 2019, taking over from the Van Horn family, the original warm faces of the company! Chris is the head beekeeper, honey extractor, and queen breeder! He is our best resource for anything bees and is able to answer any questions you may have regarding our products! We like to say Stacey is the face of East Hill Honey as you have all likely seen her smiling face in local stores, markets, and events, or spoken to her on the phone. She is our "queen bee" and makes all of our lip balm, lotion, teas, and is currently working on an infused honey line!


 Sierra and Sam Schelling

Sierra, daughter of Chris and Stacey, is seasoned in breeding queens and usually runs this area of the business during the Spring. You probably recognize her and her husband Sam from the Palafox Market where they run our stand many Saturdays! Sam is also very busy during the week as he makes deliveries to local stores and is our Honey House Manager. 

 Sidney Ziglar 

Sidney, daughter of Chris and Stacey, helps in the honey house where she bottles and labels each bottle and jar of liquid gold with love and care for you and your family to enjoy! You may also see her joyful face occasionally in stores on busy weeks when she helps by delivering to local storefronts. 


 Emma Schelling 

Emma, sister to Sam, is one of of our prized honey house veterans where she works to help us bottle and label beautiful products you see in stores and online! 

Savannah and Terrence Lawrence 

Savannah, daughter of Chris and Stacey, is one of our original beekeepers, but as she has recently moved with Terrence to Mississippi, she has transitioned to a new role as our Social Media Manager. You may still see her and Terrence in town managing our tent at the Palafox Market on some Saturdays when they are in town to visit!  



Interested in becoming a beekeeper with East Hill Honey Co? Email us at