The Ziglars, Owners & Beekeepers

Chris and Stacey took the reins of East Hill Honey Co in 2019, taking over from the Van Horn family, the original warm faces of the company! Chris is the head beekeeper, honey extractor, and queen breeder! He is our best resource for anything bees and is able to answer any questions you may have regarding our products! We like to say Stacey is the face of East Hill Honey as you have all likely seen her smiling face in local stores, markets, and events, or spoken to her on the phone. She is our "queen bee" and makes all of our lip balm, lotion, T's, and has just completed our infused honey line!

Our Vision

Every jar of honey has a story.

Where it was sourced, from what flowers, in what climate, how are the bees kept, who is the beekeeper, why is he/she a keeper. Our mission is to tell the story of each jar and to connect our neighbors and customers to the details and healing powers of raw honey.

The honey from our apiary is 100% pure and raw that comes from a blend of wildflowers and is naturally extracted and bottled in a certified/inspected honey house and delivered to you in the most pure and raw form. We also partner with local and regional beekeepers who operate within our vision and aggregate honey that is also 100% raw to provide additional wildflower honey and other single flower varieties - each with their own inspiring taste and story. 

In addition to the honey, our community plays an integral part in our work through hosting hives in town and helping us with the labor intensive parts of keeping bees as needed. It has only been through the mentorship of other keepers that we exist - and thus we also extend that same opportunities to the young people who express interest in this art.