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East Hill Honey Co. single flower honey leverages perfect timing, preparation, ideal weather patterns and expert technique to capture the unique taste of a single bloom.  Each honey variety carries a story of complex, savory flavors that separates artisan beekeeping products from common table honey.  
We enlist the instinctual work of community beehives and use our own experienced beekeeping methods and care to capture the raw, simple elegance of native flowers in sweet, delicious foods.  Single-flower honey recipes melt the captivating cocktail of aromas, colors and vibrancy of each plant and blossom into a new, delicious discovery in taste.  Our urban bee communities effortlessly harvest the life and growth of each plant and create a naturally delicious, new substance we are happy to share in its purest form. 

The bees select the best of Florida’s wildflowers, and we bring the product to you with handcrafted honey varieties. Buy raw honey online, and test each flavor to discover an array of aromas and tastes and unique as the plants themselves.