Saturday Afternoons

Taking time to blog hasn't been something I've done with consistency, but I love doing it.  This afternoon seemed the perfect opportunity being that Tommy had to make a honey delivery.  

Week after week these hours on Saturday feel somewhat like a release.  Reason being, the work preparing for Saturday's market is exciting but exhausting. Now finally, we can rest.  Where my blogging may not be consistent, something I can attest to is that every Saturday around this time my soul longs for the same thing. Jokingly I'd say a beer but honestly it's for communion.  Usually Tommy and I like to catch up on all the things we wanted to say for the past several days but felt too busy.  But always, and ironically, I need silence and an opportunity to remember what is true. God always reminds me why we are doing what we do: working and learning with/from other beekeepers, involvement with our community, working with talented artists, working together as a family, the list goes on and it makes me thankful for the grace God provides, again and again.

Some reading I've just caught up on, in the silence I so needed, made me want to blog. Journaling probably would have been better and without doubt more virtuous but this time I've opted to share the beauty of St. Cyprian's words.  After a very long day, it's all the truth I needed...

Humility in our daily lives, an unwavering faith, a moral sense of modesty in conversation, justice in our acts, mercy in deed, discipline, refusal to harm others, a readiness to suffer harm, peaceableness with our brothers, a whole-hearted love of the Lord, loving in him what is of the Father, fearing him because he is God, preferring nothing to him who preferred nothing to us, clinging tenaciously to his love, standing by his cross with loyalty and courage whenever there is any conflict involving his honor and his name, manifesting in our speech the constancy of our profession and under torture confidence for the fight, and in dying the endurance for which we will be crowned - this is what it means to wish to be a coheir with Christ, to keep God's command; this is what it means to do the will of the Father.

It was another great day to see many of the same good people and meet new friends along the way. We hope you enjoy your honey if you were able to stop by!  

Have a great weekend!

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