Florida Tupelo Honey

Florida Tupelo Honey

So what is the deal with this Tupelo Honey?

Well Florida's Tupelo honey is primarily sourced from the White Ogeechee Tupelo Tree, found bordering rivers, swamps and ponds in the low country. This area is primarily along the Holmes Creek in Holmes County East towards the Apalachicola River Basin with the epicenter being south on Hwy 71 near Wewahitchka. Don't blink because you will miss it!

The trees only blossom for two to three weeks, leaving a short window for harvesting honey. East Hill Honey Co.'s is 100% Pure; pure Tupelo honey should never crystallize. It is light and golden in color with a slight greenish hue and with buttery undertones and a smooth, unique flavor. Pure Tupelo honey has a devoted following and is highly sought after due to its narrow harvesting window and unique flavor. This honey pairs well with everything and is a exception table honey.

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do you sell 5gal tupelo honey ?

mark lilly

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