So what is raw honey?

by Tommy Van Horn April 24, 2013 1 Comment

The East Hill Honey Business Model

by Tommy Van Horn March 20, 2013

The Benefits of Raw Honey with Grains: Oatmeal, Chocolate and Honey-nola Recipe

by Emily Van Horn December 13, 2012


Raw honey! Coconut Oil! Soy free! Gluten free oats! What else is super popular to say these days about food that I might have missed in the opening line...

3 Benefits of Bees & Honey

by Tommy Van Horn December 13, 2012


The benefits of honey and bees are numerous. Here is a short list of a few reasons to eat local honey and keep bees.

Honey and Health

by Tommy Van Horn October 31, 2012

Our Journey Home

by Shopify October 22, 2012