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East Hill Honey Co.

CREAMY! Ceylon Cinnamon & Honey

CREAMY! Ceylon Cinnamon & Honey

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A perfect blend of Organic Ceylon Cinnamon and local wildflower honey. This blend in addition to tasting amazing on warm toast with butter is extremely healthy. 

Ceylon cinnamon is much harder to find than Cassia cinnamon and it has a slightly sweeter flavor. Cinnamon with honey may:


  • Reduce inflammation: Long-term inflammation increases the risk of chronic disease. Studies show cinnamon may help reduce inflammation.
  • Help treat neurodegenerative diseases: A few test-tube studies suggest that cinnamon might help slow the progression of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
  • Help protect against cancer: A few animal and test-tube studies found that cinnamon helps prevent the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. 


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